"I am because we are."


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Corporate Well-being

Conference Specialists

Executive Retreats

Beyond Sustainability

Life Balance Coaches

Creativity Specialists

Passion Cafe

Sacred Journeys

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Books for the Journey

Angeles Arrien:
The Four-Fold Way

Sharon Beder:
Sellng the Work Ethic

Viktor Frankl:
Man's Search for Meaning

Robert Greenleaf:
The Power of Servant Leadership

Charles Handy:
The Elephant and the Flea

Paul Hawken:
The Ecology of Commerce
, and Natural Capitalism (with Amory Lovins), and Blessed Unrest

Gay Hendricks:
The Corporate Mystic

Dee Hock:
The Birth of the Chaordic Age

Claude Lewenz:
How to Build a Village

Dawna Markova:
The Art of the Possible
and The Open Mind:
Exploring the 6 Patterns of Natural Intelligence

Peter Senge:



In the Maori word for leader-- rangatira, ranga means "to weave."

With these Strategic Partners we share a common vision and the good work of weaving a sustainable planetary culture.

Countless kindred organisations worldwide are evolving effective strategies for transformation, while embodying new styles of leadership and management.

Northern Hemisphere Partners
Australasian Partners


Visionary & Practical Solutions for Restoring the Earth

Anew Zealand

Creating our Future as a
Small, Clever Country

The Chaordic Commons

"What if the purpose of business was to nourish and sustain life?"

NZ Business Council for
Sustainable Development

Providing Business Leadership as a Catalyst for Change Toward Sustainable Development

Consciousness Unlimited Speakers Bureau

Providing Visionary Leadership for the 21st Century

Organic Pathways

Your online guide to Organics in Aotearoa

The Cultural Creatives

How 50 Million People are Changing the World

The Big Idea

Navigating the Realms of Creativity in New Zealand

Enlightened Business Institute

Creating Enlightened Businesses and Enlightened Lives

Business for Social Responsibility

A Global Partner for Responsible Business Leaders

Foundation for Global Community

Building a World that Benefits All Life

Harrison International

Organisational Effectiveness

Innerwork Technologies

Developing a Dynamic Synergy of Leaders, Teams & Organisations

The Aroha Way

Walking the Higher Ground in Life and Business

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Research & Education in Consciousness & Human Potential


Leaders in Cooperative Technology and Mediation


A Global Community Center for Conscious Evolution

How to Build a Village

New Dimensions Radio

Changing the World, One Broadcast at a Time

Envision New Zealand

Helping Communities Toward Sustainability


Business Strategy and Sustainable Development

Transition Towns

Communities responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change

The World Cafe

What if the Future is Born in Webs of Human Conversation?

Heart Politics Gatherings

Toward Social & Environmental Change

A Global Community Center for Conscious Evolution

Holistic Living

Ethos Foundation

Learning sustainability and Earthcare


A learning organism for social and spiritual transformation


Toward a Just and Sustainable World Created by Community

GreenPlanetFM Radio ĘC 104.6FM Auckland

Mobilising Consciousness every Thursday, 8-9am

World Business Academy

The 21st Century Agenda for Business

Sustainable Business Network

To advance and embed sustainable business practices.

Integrated Events

Bringing people together through learning and healing events

Wholistic Business Network

"When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality."

--Dom Helder Camara

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