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"What is the most important thing?"
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata!
"It is the people, the people, the people."

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New Zealand's unique position in the Pacific today is primarily due to its successful acceptance, adaptation, and enhancement of powerful cultural forces from Polynesia, Europe, Asia and North America.

A new dynamic has evolved over the last decades of the twentieth century. As we come to better understand these forces, and their ancient roots, our enterprises will acquire a singular advantage, and New Zealand will fulfill its natural role as a leader among the global community, and provide for the "seven generations."

Good Company Pacific represents two groups whose programmes are pioneering our understanding of Pacific culture dynamics:



The Aroha Way: True wealth is not just about money. Maori best understand wealth through the term Ohaoha which pertains to generosity and abundance, prosperity, wealth.

Oha explains the potential level of our generosity. O is 'of' and ha is 'breath'. One's generosity is like the breath -- it is ever present (abundant), it is the force of life. Ohaoha is the result of Enlightened Stewardship.

Kaitiaki is the term which refers to Stewardship. A Kaitiaki is one who nurtures and maintains the natural environment so that there is always an abundant supply of natural resources and healthy living systems that will benefit all life.



Visiting teacher in Hawaiian & Native American ways.

Lani Petranek

Leon Kalili

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E ho mai ka ike mai i luna mai e
O na mea huna no'eau o na mele e
E ho mai, E ho mai, E ho mai e!

Grant us the knowledge from above
of the things sacred and hidden in the ancient chants:
Grant us, Grant us, Grant us this blessing!

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